The Latest Technology Blog Under New Management!

The Latest Technology Blog Under New Management!

Today’s technology is moving at a lightning fast speed.

This blog will keep you updated on what’s happening in the tech vertical.

Let’s talk about smart watches. These will revolutionize the tech world. Apple has already seen great potential with this and
issued their first smart watch ever. So what does this smart watch actually do. Is it really worth $300? or even up to $1000

I would not hesitate and say yes. The functionality on these watches is superb. It’s a great tool if you do love to exercise a lot. IT can measure the heart rate, running speed and distance, how much calories you have burnt, you can answer your phone from the watch itself.

It’s got a built in speaker and microphone, Bluetooth, an 18 hour battery life, light sensors and more. Some also come with a gyroscope.

Watch this video from Bloomberg news to learn more about these amazing watches

Another top that I wanted to meniton is the Micromax Canvas Selfie.

Micromax Canvas Selfie: Micromax is very best brand which really does not need any introduction. We have latest launched by Micromax company in this year named Micromax Canvas Selfie Smartphone. Well the design concept used by Micromax is quite looks similar to Meitu 2. Now we have reviews about the design of Micromax Canvas Selfie smartphones. The sleek and finished look of Micromax Selfie smartphone is superb.

Here’s some recent new on twitter about this company.