Samsung galaxy note 7 the next galaxy

Samsung galaxy note 7 the next galaxy

Samsung S7 Review

Samsung has radically changed their mobile from the s5 to the s7, causing consumers to voice their opinions.

People simply were not happy with their products and Samsung listened and brought into life what was much desired from
customers with the new S7 but is it everything that we want though? Not a 100% But we will se how close

The Samsung s7 costs (32g) costs around $680 coming in titanium gold which is their special edition phone, prices will of course fluctuate through out the year so its worth to give eBay or amazon a check through out the year before making your buying decisions

So without further redo we are going to make a review of the Samsung S7 to help you with your purchasing decisions.

This phone looks almost identical to the S6 but with some subtle changes. This thing looks gorgeous in my opinion. Not always been ok with a plastic phone, but the titanium looks makes this phone just stand out. Now of course looks are subjective so you can be the judge on that. The S7 comes with a 5.1 inch screen and the other bigger version comes at a medium size at a 5.5 inch.

In comparison. The Iphone 6s plus comes with a 5.5 inch display. I do not mind the smaller size at all. The s7 did not feel small to me personally. The S7 increased in thickness. There’s enough meat to hold the phone comfortably yet it does not feel bulky.


The screen comes with a gorilla glass 4 making it twice as drop resistant as its predecessor and other glass panel competitors. An improvement from the S5 is that this phone is Ip certified making this phone water resistant up to 30 minutes in a maximum dept of 5ft of water. I tried it in my sink and it worked perfectly fine

This phone also has a 32gb ram built in but if that is not enough you can insert an micro sd card and the system allows for a maximumum of up to 200gb which is an incredible amount of storage.

To end this here, The S7 is a great phone and worth its money.