Apple iphone 7, iphone 7 plus rumors specifications

Apple iphone 7, iphone 7 plus rumors specifications

The iPhone 7s review

With this Iphone apple made a ton of improvements.

An improved screen, an improved battery and speakers. An improved camera as well.

But people were expecting better!

Is it worth spending that extra money over the 6s. The black version feels really shiny and new. But it scratches really easy. So if you wanna go for the black version, you might want to buy a case. Its a pity because you want to actually show off your phone.

This phone is also waterproof. The 6s is not slimmer than the iPhone 5. They kept the port and head phone jacks of the iPhone 5. It also comes with a lighting adapter.

When it comes to the screen, apple went for 4.7 inch 720p version which is the same one of 2 years ago. Compared with the Samsung galaxy, its less sharper and if you put them close you can see the difference. But its got a decent viewing experience and you don’t feel like you are losing much.

The clickable home button is gone now. The tech engine underneath is new. While initially people struggled with it at the beginning, they ended up finding it very useful and loving it.

The a10 fusion chip inside means that the phone is catered for heavy lifting because now instead of a dual core processor its a quad core. Its very quick and very slick. Apply has put more than enough power in it for all savvy users out there.

The vibrations, if you are playing for instance, you feel like a part of the phone is vibrating and not the whole phone, which is an improvement from the other version. In the future mobile gaming will be something apply will focus more on.

The technology is now inhouse as well with the lastest tweaking and website design projects.  Analysts predict the rise and fall of Iphones, replced by more sophisticated mobile phones.

With dual speakers, super fast processor and the light weight of this phone, its worth considering. Go to amazon or ebay and check their prices before making any quick buying, emotional decisions.